Sublieme Schoonheid
Sublieme Duurzaamheid

A dialogue between climate urgencies and the sublime experience. Finding  new life in contemporary society while maintaining the intrinsic beauty of three monuments. Fascinated by the experience of the technical sublime, we disassemble these processes and turn them into sublime experiences. 

Three churches,all  centrally located in the dense historical city. Can they open up possibilities for contemporary challenges? On the social layer, we  reactivate the role of the church in society. Building upon the history of the growth of the churches we propose to continue that tradition to respond to the current times of climate change.

We propose to open up the church and provide space to meet new generations by bringing its interior towards the outside in the form of transparent extension. This extension not only helps to adapt to the new functions and diversity of visitors but also to establish relationships with sustainable processes and new rituals. The shape of each intervention is inspired by the architectural features of the churches and expressed in a void form.

Technical and social layers overlap each other, manifesting in a sublime experience. Pavillions are self-sufficient, collecting energy with its outer shell, purifying air, collecting water and providing space for co-existance of men and nature. Under this framework, each intervention responds to the specificity of the context and architecture of each monument.

Research by design

College van Rijksadviseurs


Groningen, Naarden, Amsterdam



studio spacestation


Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed