Mozaïek aan de Maas

Cultuurcampus Rotterdam

A transformation of a mono-functional industrial site in Rotterdam South into a multi-use mosaic of various indoor and outdoor spaces with clear identities and flexible spatial conditions.  The Cultuur Campus features a wide range of new cultural, educational and public programme. The Mosaic can be read  as a diverse collection of rooms and public spaces that can be shared and used by different organizations and users.

The flexible plan allows for a mix of various events of different sizes, for different users, from local artists, student groups and national or international events. The Mosaic is an adjustable spatial concept that allows for many different scenarios, it can adjust to the specific requirements and planning through time. 

We introduce a clear framework for the outdoor spaces and aim to program functions and activities around existing halls. Sport fields, hangout spots and outdoor stages for performances and events are part of our early development plan.

The proposal strenghtens the connections to the surrounding area — a clear route to and from the Maastunnel, a connection with the rondje Maashaven as well as pedestrian routes to Charlois. Additionaly, the plan allows for the Maastunnel park to expand, bringing back the historical axis of the Ponserpad and strengthening the relation between the neighbourhood and the water.


Gemeente Rotterdam

Studio Slodka


Kop Charlois, Rotterdam



Cultuurcampus Rotterdam