OBSCURA is a design practice for architecture and urbanism, based in Rotterdam. The office was founded in 2018 by Katarzyna Nowak (PL) and Jens Jorritsma (NL)

OBSCURA operates with the belief that built and unbuilt spaces are inherently interconnected. Our work is characterized by clear spatial concepts that are closely tied to important societal issues. We design public spaces and buildings in which themes such as culture, water, art and climate play a significant role. We strive for the outcome of our work to be imaginative and capable of standing as artistic forms. We are OBSCURA.

Jens Jorritsma

Urban designer and researcher with a degree in land use planning  and urban design. His passion and expertise revolve around spatial challenges related to water, public space, and urban networks both below and above ground. Jens gained experience at various urban and landscape offices in The Netherlands before founding OBSCURA and teaches at the academy of Architecture in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Hogeschool and IHS Erasmus University.

Katarzyna Nowak

Architect and artist. She’s a finalist of Prix de Rome Architecture 2018 Finalist and 1st price Winner Archiprix Nederland 2016.  She’s a tutor at Royal Art Academy in The Hague. She received a Talent Development grant from Stimulerings Fonds in 2018. Katarzyna specializes in designing with absence - where built environment is defined by voids. As part of her research projects Nowak studies contextualizing properties of architectural space in cultural typologies.



Bartel Wiltonkade 161
3029 CN Rotterdam
The Netherlands


tel: 06 4227 0995
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